Is hiking your hobby? Do you like challenging trails? Then the Waterfall Canyon Trail will become your new favorite in the Ogden area.

This out and back trail with a 4km distance is a great way to relax and maintain health. Do you want to know more about some of the other features of this beautiful trail? Let’s explore them in this article:

Hike, bike, or snowshoe:

You don’t get an opportunity to “hike” on this trail only; there are multiple other ways to look around and enjoy the view. These include biking or snowshoeing. Whatever of these methods you choose, we are sure you’ll love the overall impact it will create.

Opens year around:

One of the best things about the Waterfall Canyon Trail is that it remains open year-round, and you don’t need to wait for a particular season. With each season, the scenery around changes a bit. It can be your go-to picnic spot, providing a different view each time.

Completion time:

The trail doesn’t take much longer. It is approximately 1:30 minutes long. You can even make it your daily exercising spot if you live in Ogden.

Picturesque waterfall view:

As the name suggests, you should expect to see a waterfall towards the end of the trail. Depending upon the season you choose to visit this trail, you can expect it to be frozen or otherwise. In any way, it gives a beautiful spot for taking pictures and relaxing.

Summing up:

Planning a trip to the Waterfall Canyon Trail with friends and family is a great thing to do. You can take a few sports items along, enjoy the weather, roam around and vent out the busy life frustration. After you visit the trail once, you’ll be coming back to it again.

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