Ogden River flows through the Ogden City in the southwest, providing refreshing scenery to the residents and visitors alike. The 35-mile river is considered to be a few million years old. Isn’t it interesting?

Let’s discuss some interesting things about River Ogden that will surely surprise you.

Historians believe it to be older than Wasatch Mountains:

One of the astonishing things you can relate to the Ogden River is that it is believed to be older than Wasatch Mountains. These mountains have risen gradually in the last 15 million years. But the river exists a lot before that. The mountains are amazing, but the river is just older and has more grace.

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The river is named after a trader:

Are you wondering where the name of the river and the city of Ogden derived from? It was named after a trader with the full name Peter Skene Ogden.

Source of Irrigation:

This river is not beautiful. It is a source of irrigation for the nearby lands too. In 1937, the first dam was built on it, and it irrigates 25,000 acres (100 km2) of the land. Isn’t that huge?

Apart from the main river, there are multiple other canals and irrigation systems created on the river to channel the water in the best way.

You can always take pictures:

The running water provides you with the backdrop for a lovely selfie. So, when visiting Ogden River, you must not miss it out. Besides, you can keep this picture as a memoir for remembering your visit to Ogden.

Summing up:

Ogden River has a fantastic historical and agricultural significance in the city. So, visiting and enjoying the aura around would be fun. You can find some picnic spots in the vicinity too. So you can arrange a complete family trip.