This 47-acre park is also known as the Layton City flagship park. You can visit the entire park and enjoy your time. If you want to know about the activities you can do in the park apart from walking, we can help by sharing a few. You can get an idea from the list and shortlist the things you can do in Layton Commons Park.

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Walking and Jogging:

Let’s start with the most prominent one first. In Layton Commons Park, you can walk and jog around. This is one of the noteworthy activities to enjoy.

Enjoying the greenery:

You can sit at a corner and enjoy the green grass and trees around. You might not have exercised it before, but this activity can help in relaxing your mind.

One of the tips through which you can enhance your experience is to walk barefoot on the green grass.


Another activity you can enjoy is reading. Take your favorite book to the Layton Commons Park, find a quiet corner, and indulge in reading. This is one of the best treats that you can give yourself on the weekend. Once you’ll do it, we are sure you’ll be visiting the park again with your next book. This experience will be tempting.

Play around:

If you want to take your kids for a treat, this park is a great place to enjoy. There are two playgrounds with different swings, hanging bars, and climbing areas. Your kids can explore things on their own and enjoy them.

Enjoy the beauty:

With freshly trimmed grass, nicely shaped trees, and open spaces, you can simply sit and enjoy the beauty that the scenario incorporates.

The best thing is that you can find a variety of sceneries in the park too. You need to explore, and you’ll find something to fascinate you.

Play with ducks:

Did you know that there is a stream in the park too with numerous ducks in it? So, you can see them swimming, eating and playing with each other. Apart from duck, different types of waterfowls are also part of this habitat. So, you can have a variety of species to observe. Bringing your kids to the area would fascinate them.

Enjoy a sport:

Whether you like soccer, football, or baseball, you can find the appropriate place to play these games in Layton Commons Park. So, don’t forget to bring your sports equipment.

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