Are you looking for places to visit in Layton City? Ellison Park is an easy-to-go place where you and your kids can spend some wonderful time together. With different facilities being part of this place, you play around or exercise depending on your requirements.

We’ll be sharing some of the activities that you can enjoy in this park.

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Things to enjoy in Ellison Park Layton City:

Enjoy the Greenery:

Even if you don’t move around or play in the park, you can still enjoy watching the greenery and experiencing the impact that it can create on your eyes and your personality. Enjoy the wind blowing through the trees and flowers grown on the sides.

You’ll like the overall view and the impact that the greenery from Ellison Park creates on you.

Let your kids play in the playground:

Ellison Park has a playground in the park as well. So, your kids can play there. Multiple games can be part of their playtime, which would ensure that you wouldn’t get bored. Some of the possible games that your kids can play in the park include football, basketball, and running competitions.

You can also arrange formal match if your kids are part of the team.

Enjoy the Splash Pad:

It is for the kids, so you won’t be able to have fun with water. But your kids definitely can. They can go into the water and have fun with each other by splashing and throwing water or maybe by trying to swim. The best part is that you won’t need to supervise them directly because the water in the splash pad won’t be at the levels that can cause any harm to your kids.

Have fun on swings:

The traditional rides that are part of a park are there as well. These include slides, merry-go-round, sea saw, and some of the other ones as well. Spending a few hours on the swings is usual for the kids. So, you might plan to exercise or walk while your kids are busy playing.


Another vital activity that most of us forget when discussing the activities to do in a park, like Ellison Park, is socializing. You’ll find various other parents with their kids playing or some people walking or enjoying the greenery, so you can connect with them and enhance your friends’ circle.

We tried to ensure that you are aware of all the facilities that Ellison Park has. This will make it easier for you to choose the right attraction for you to visit in the Layton area.

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