This park is famous by the name of Rocket Park in the local community. But if you are visiting this place out of Bountiful, you would definitely know this part by its new name Tolman Memorial Park. Do you know what features make this park perfect for everyone? Not sure? Not an issue let us have a look at these features:

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Dream Location:

This park is located in the middle of a neighborhood. You can see the neighboring houses and streets when inside the park. So, it can offer you a mesmerizing view. Besides, if you are a resident of the neighboring street, you can enjoy the lush green plant beauty within your sight every time. Is not that great?

Beautiful Playground:

This park has been specifically developed considering the needs of the kids. So, you can find a beautiful playground for your kids where they can have an amazing time.

Spider web climber, double slides, stepping-stone, and the bouncy bridge are some of the major attractions you can find in this park. Apart from these features, spinning monkey bars, peek through windows are the things that your kids will definitely enjoy.

Trees and shady areas:

If you love nature, then this place will be great for you to visit too. You can enjoy the shadowy trees and walk around to feel the Nature within you. The overall scenario is perfect for a lovely walk with your partner or your friends. You can even have a stroll alone and get deeper within yourself.

Picnic Area:

There is a unique picnic area for the visitors as well. So, you can plan an entire day out with your friends and family to enjoy, make memories, and catch up.

Play baseball or tennis game:

If you love sports, you might want to play baseball or tennis with your friends. Even if you do not have your existing team, you may find a place in the team for a single game, but you must know the rules to be part of the play.

We are sure this place will be a lot of fun for you and your family. So, plan a visit to this place as your next weekend adventure.