If the name of the place has made you think you will meet the famous footballer Leonardo, then that is not the case. But you don’t have to be disappointed as The Leonardo is full of fun activities that you can enjoy in Salt Lake City.

Immersive experience:

This museum in Salt Lake City is probably the only museum providing you with an immersive experience. Currently, three main immersive exhibitions are going on in the museum, including Italian Renaissance, Van Gogh 360, and From Monet to Kandinsky.

Enjoy the free student program:

If you are in high school, you can enjoy the free student program. The program aims to provide a platform for the students to collaborate with the entrepreneurs to find the solution to the world problems. With such an initiative, you cannot only help the world but also win cash prizes and other rewards.

Art Workshop:

You can learn everything about the arts like a professional by visiting this museum. There are special workshops arranged here to help the newbies learn the basics and the advanced stuff. So, if you have an interest or want to improve your current skill level, you can join the art workshop at the Leonardo.

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Youth Summer Camps:

You can make your summers more happening by joining these special summer camps. You’ll get an opportunity to interact with fellow art enthusiasts and exchange knowledge and skill set. It is surely going to be fun.

Plan your event:

The museum also lets you plan your event in this museum. Whether you have your yearly party or an annual dinner, you can arrange it properly at the sophisticated venue. All your get will be amazed at such an arrangement.

Summing up:

The Leonardo does not only provide you with a holistic coverage of the art-related activities, but it also lets you have fun through your events. So, do not forget to visit this place.