Visiting parks is an amazing activity that you can consider for recreational purposes. If you are in Centerville, Utah, Smoot Park can be your favorite place.

Like most of the other parks in the Utah region, Smoot Park also has multiple facilities. However, which of these facilities is exactly part of this park, we’ll cover them here in this article:

Tennis Court:

You might not find a proper place for playing tennis in some parks, but Smoot Park definitely has it. You can bring your own rackets and balls to have a good game. It can be either with your own friends or with the other visitors. By playing it, you won’t only enjoy the game but exercise, helping you live a healthy life.

Enjoy the barbecue:

If you are planning a barbecue for quite some time but haven’t been able to finalize your plan, then this Park might help you with it.

There are special barbecue grills arranged. Just bring your preparatory material and enjoy a great meal. Planning a complete barbecue part with friends is also possible. It would be even more fun with all the greenery and open space around.

Drinking Fountain:

You might find other sources to drink water in every park, but the drinking fountains have their own charm. So, you can exhaust yourself in exercising completely and quench your thirst with the drinking fountain. This will be a great addition to your experience.

Play around:

Another area you’ll find in this park is the playground. Your kids can have a lovely time while playing and making friends with the other kids. With your kids being busy, you can have fun in the park.


With these multiple activities part of the Smoot Park, you can have a great day. So plan accordingly to get the most out of your trip.

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