The answer to this question would usually depend on o the service provider you are hiring for the detailing services. Besides, the package you want to avail is also important in providing you with a detailed answer to this question. However, we will try to cover this topic with all the possibilities for you. So, you can decide or at least know certain things beforehand.

What do you mean by cleaning?

You are going for car detailing services, so you should be expecting the detailer to handle cleaning activities too. But this is not the case in most situations. The detailer might agree to do so, but it would cost you more.
Let us see what you should cover in cleaning. If you have your car back from a muddy area, it is better to rinse the tires with clean water so that extra dirt goes off. Secondly, if you have your belongings in the car, you should take them out too, as no one will like to have a heap of your items lying in the car and then moving them around to find clear spots for cleaning. This would lengthen their job.
Besides, any special chairs including the Child’s chair should be out too. You might want to get it thoroughly cleaned too but make sure it is out of its place, so the detailer would not have any trouble in taking it out.

Should I rinse my car before detailing?

As discussed earlier, if your car is back from a muddy area, then it is better to wash off the excess mud, but in other cases, you do not have to do that. Because the car detailer is going to rinse the car up to their satisfaction before they can start the formal washing procedure. However, from the outlook, if your car is not clean enough to be on the road, then it would be better to rinse it off with clean water.

What should I do with my car’s interior?

Make sure you ate taking visible pieces of trash out of your car. Similarly, all your belongings should be taken out before you offer your car for detailing. This might not be necessary but would be a basic courtesy.
Besides, you will not have any risks of losing anything important when your car is detailed.

By following these steps, you have done enough cleaning from your side; it is now the duty of the car detailer to offer you their services. So, now you can sit back and wait for your new-like car to be back.

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