One of the fantastic attractions to enjoy in Salt Lake City is the Red Butte Garden. With multiple features available in a single area, you can have all the fun you want. Do you want to know the reasons that can make this place interesting for you? We will be discussing them here in this article. So, read along and find it yourself.

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Who operates Red Butte Garden?

Red Butte Garden is under the supervision of the University of Utah. The creation of these gardens was because of the botany professor’s efforts at the University of Utah. Since 1930, Dr. Walter P. Cottam had been studying the origin of different plants and their adaptability in diverse regions. In 1961, his efforts were finally recognized at the state level. And this is how the gardens have expanded to such an area, giving it the shape it has now.

How to get to the garden?

We expect you would be visiting the garden in your car. But to highlight the different options, let us tell how you can easily get here on public transport, no matter from which side of the garden you are approaching. Thus, it would not be a problem if you decide to leave your car behind.

Attractions to enjoy in Red Butte Garden:

Here is what you should expect:

Botanical Garden:

You can enjoy your visit to the botanical garden. With multiple plants all around the place, you would develop your interest in them even if you were not a botany student. Besides, the greenery around is always fascinating and peaceful for the mind. So a visit to this garden can be a journey to calmness and composure of your personality.

These gardens are stretched over 100 acres and have some hiking trails along. So, you can enjoy this fantastic combination of beauty and fun.


Apart from plants, Arboretum is also an integral part of this Red Butte Garden. With this fantastic area designated to trees, you can have a magnificent view. This is not only going to be an educational journey; rather, it would be a nice drop for your family pictures too. Also, you can expect your kids to develop a soft corner towards nature. So, it is going to be a trip with multiple benefits. You should not miss it.


You might not have noticed earlier, but this place has an amphitheater too, which means that you can enjoy different performances and sports events at this location as well. You should plan and find what events are going on at a particular time. This can allow you to schedule accordingly for the events that you want to attend.

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