Although the name of this place might sound like a place especially for the worshippers, it is not. You can visit the temple as a tourist as well.

What’s prominent about Jordan River Utah Temple?

You must be excited to know about the things you can enjoy in Jordan River Utah Temple, so let’s have a look at it together.

Beautiful single spire design:

Even if you find the temple closed, you can still enjoy the beautiful single-spire style design of the temple. You can feel the magnificence of the temple with an extremely beautiful design that you will remember for days.

Angel Moroni Statue:

It is one of the rare churches that have the special angel Moroni statue displayed. If you are a devotee or want to admire the beauty of the sculpture, you can surely get into this museum and enjoy it.

Availability of services:

If you want to get any church services on your visit, you might have to book them in advance. There is a list of services that the church provides on the website. You can specifically choose the ones you want and settle the timings with the church authorities.

Hall of Prayers:

If you are a believer and want others to pray for you during the rituals, you can enter your name in the Hall of Prayers, and you’ll get the benefits. To understand the exact procedure, you might want to visit their website or consult any authorities upon your visit.

Summing up:

Most activities you find in Jordan River Utah Temple would be important for the devotees. However, you can witness them learn more about Christianity. Or you can simply enjoy the architecture and statues in the temple and make it an entertainment venture.

Planning it with friends or family is your choice.

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