If you have a pet, you would definitely love this park in West Jordan. As the name suggests, this is one of the parks that allow pets as well. So, while you enjoy walking, your dog can play around and make new friends. Let’s have a closer look at some of the things you can enjoy:

Attractions to enjoy in West Jordan Dog Park:

Below are the main attractions to enjoy in the West Jordan Dog Park:

Take your dog for a walk:

One of the obvious activities you can enjoy here is to have a good walk with your dog. You can walk around, play, or just share your thoughts with your companions. During this walk, you can train your pup as well, so it can be an exciting experience for you and your pooch.

Relax and play with your kids:

You can even go with your kids to this park with kids. Plan a few games to be played. Hide & Seek and police thief games are amongst the prominent options you have. We are sure your kids will love these games. Such games can let you bond with your kids.

Area covered:

4.5 acres of area is covered with the gardens of West Jordan Dog Park. So, you have ample room to walk and have fun. Thus, you can consider this a picnic opportunity for your kids and pets. You can take all your family around and spend a few hours.

Summing up:

You can enjoy all these activities while visiting the West Jordan Dog Park. It is going to be a fun experience for your entire family, and you won’t have to leave your pets at home unattended. Even your pet can have an opportunity to make new friends at the park too.