Finding a place to visit in Salt Lake City is not a difficult task. Everyone can find something like entertainment lovers can find casinos, cafes, and bars, history lovers can visit museums and ancient buildings, even the religious cults can visit the temples and churches.

Although you don’t have to be amongst any of these specific categories to visit these places. But if you want SPECIAL Attributions, you can find one. One such place specifically for religious individuals is the Salt Lake Temple.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Salt Lake Temple as one of the iconic and religious places, not only in Utah but also in the entire region.

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Details about the Temple:

Details like area, how and when it is used, and people allowed inside would be shared. Such information will help you decide if you want to visit the place while on the Utah tour or not. So, let’s start:


This is a Christian temple spread over 10 acres or 4 hectares in the middle of Temple Square. It is an LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), which is considered the House of God. It is the largest LDS Church based on the floor area, presenting a magnificent view for the passersby.

Wilford Woodruff dedicated this place to the construction of the Church, which took around years to construct.

Sacred Place:

The public is not allowed to enter the Salt Lake Temple. The inner chambers and worship areas are only kept for special individuals representing a church or are the temple recommend.

What is this temple used for?

As it is a holy building, it is reserved for specific rituals and ceremonies, including Latter-Day Saints, endowment ceremony, washing and anointing ceremony, and marriage sealing ceremonies.

What can the public enjoy?

People can have a look at the exterior and praise the architectural beauty of the temple. You can have photographs of the temple’s exterior, but getting inside or capturing pictures of the interior is strictly prohibited.

If you want to be part of the ritual ceremonies, you might want to contact the temple administration and get approval beforehand. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed in unless you are temple recommend.

Make sure to follow these guidelines when you are out to spend a lovely day with your family.

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