If you want to enjoy something other than a traditional visit to a park or museum, Mount Olympus is a perfect choice to break the monotony. This is a mountainous area, which is famous amongst the locals and the tourists alike. So, you expect to find it busy all around the year. But don’t worry, you will have a lot of fun at this location. Want to know how? Here it is:

Large mountain range:

Olympus is a town in Millcreek city just with the slope of Mount Olympus. This mountain for the Wasatch Range is gigantic. It is viewable from all locations in Salt Lake City. But the closer you get to the slope, the more beautiful it gets.

Availability of commercial center in the neighborhood:

The commercial buildings in the neighborhood are constructed over a relatively flat surface. A shopping center and a public school await you in the area, along with the other government installations for protection and security.

Hiking place:

Mount Olympus is also famous amongst hikers. You can gather your gear and get on to the mountain. You’ll have a lot of fun. But don’t forget to take at least one of your friends or another hiking enthusiast with you.

Walk around the yawn:

When you are not hiking on the mountain, you can walk around the town and enjoy the feeling of living in a valley just beside a mountain. This feeling might compel you to relocate to Millcreek permanently. So, be cautious while enjoying the beauty of this wonderful place.

Rich neighborhood:

One of the other characteristics of this neighborhood is its overall income. It is amongst the luxurious areas in Salt Lake City. So, it would be affected in the overall infrastructure and the spending habits of the locals too. So, you might want to observe this trend on your visit to Mount Olympus too.


The hiking experience, the neighborhood, the beautiful location, and the overall beauty are some of the main things you should expect from Mount Olympus and your visit to this place.