Finding the things to do in Ogden isn’t much complex as the area is full of natural beauty that you can roam around and explore. One of such attractions as the Malan’s Peak Trail. A challenging trail that will surely make you question your health, but definitely in a fun way.

Let’s find some of the other things you can enjoy when on Malan’s Peak Trail.

Scenic view:

One of the obvious things you should be looking forward to is the scenic view from the trait. It is present on the Eastern side of Ogden. You can look at the surrounding mountains and the community living around you while you hike.

Trail for multiple purposes:

Malan’s Peak Trail is not only for hiking. You can bike, backpack, and camp along the trail. Thus, you can have all the fun around this trail and have some quality time with yourself and your family.

Take your pet along:

You don’t have to drop by your dog when going on this trail. Wouldn’t it be unfair if you don’t take it along? It will definitely be. This is why the Malan’s Peak Trail allows the dogs, but they must be on the leash.

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Expect to find some ice on the trail too:

If you like snow, then this trail gets a lot of it. Depending upon the season you visit it, you can witness it yourself.

But if you want a clear trail where you can camp and have the other activities to enjoy, the months from March to October are the best. You’ll find pleasant weather with clear trails.

Summing up:

Do not forget to take all the essential things when visiting Malan’s Peak Trail in Ogden. With the availability of sports items and picnic gear, your visit will be a lot more happening.