For lovers of hiking and sports, there is a trail present in the Sandy area. It is known as Lisa Falls. This trail is specifically for people who want to hike up a small and easy mountain. Their purpose is to have fun and experience hiking by spending the least possible time with the minimal risk involved.

Lisa Falls is such a waterfall that falls into this category.

Climb up the steep hill:

The trail is easy, yet it is steep, requiring you to put in at least some effort to reach the top. Along the way, you’ll be passing by the forests; however, you’ll be able to enjoy a clear view once you get to the other side of the trail.

Natural trail:

There aren’t many adjustments made on this trail. It exists in the natural form with the rocks and boulders in the way. However, there aren’t difficult to cross, which makes the track natural and easy to climb.


Lisa Falls, the fall from which the trail got this name, is the reward you’ll get when climbing up this trail. This waterfall gets straight into a tiny pond. You’ll have to step up on a stone to view that pond. But it looks lovely.

Upper Falls:

The journey doesn’t end here. Beside the waterfall, there is a rocky trail that leads to the top of the mountain. However, going up this path is not recommended for tourists. You need proper gear with the right guide or experience to get on this trail. The Upper Falls are quite dangerous, and accidents have been reported because of the slippery rocks.

Summing Up:

The trail to Lisa Falls is easy and beautiful. You can get on the track to watch this lovely waterfall. However, going above Lisa Falls isn’t recommended unless you are a professional climber having adequate gear.

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