If you have been looking for some specific ways for detailing your car, this article covers all the important information for you.

So, let’s start with this journey:

Packages of car detailing:

Before we get into the discussion about the complete process of detailing, you should know that car detailers offer different packages. So, there is no one process fit for every service provider type scenario.

We’ll highlight the general process of detailing below:

Exterior Car Detailing;

In the exterior car detailing services, you’ll have to perform the following services:

Exterior wash and dry:

You’ll have to go for the complete washing process by hand. Starting from the tires, you can apply soap and scrub it with the towel on the entire exterior of your car frame. Clean the soap with water and then pat dry it with a clean microfiber towel.

Claying of the car surface:

Once you have washed your car, the next step you should follow is claying. In this process, you can use a clay bar to remove all the contaminants that are still present on your car’s exterior.


By using polish on your car, you won’t only give a new look, but the swirls and marks in the paint will diminish, as well.


Wax can be one of the best products for this process, where you lock the paint by adding a protective layer. This layer also gives a glossy touch and shine to your car, making it look new.

Interior car detailing:

You might have to get a separate package to get your car interior detailed from a professional company. But if you are doing it yourself, you would like to go for interior-detailing too.


Start with vacuuming your carpet, mats, and seats. Don’t forget the trunk and rear cargo area.


Your carpet might also have stains, so you’ll have to scrub them off through brushing. Another alternative here is steam cleaning, but you must have the proper experience in carpet and seats.

Glass cleaning:

Use a clean cloth for wiping the windows and the windshield. Use a soft hand, and make sure you use the microfiber cloth for this purpose, as a harsh towel might put scratches on your glass.

Clean the leather: if there are any leather coverings in your car, now it is time to clean them. There are special cleaning products for leather available in the market. Use them for your vehicle to get the best results.

Perfume your car:

When you have everything neat, you can spray a car perfume inside to give it a complete look.

Summing up:

Car detailing is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. By following the steps above, you’ll be performing the basic level of the detailing process. By getting deeper into the cleaning process, you can make it as complex as you want.