Do you think that the car detailing business would take thousands of dollars every few months? This is not true. You might call these services expensive, but they are not very expensive that an average household cannot afford.

Besides, it is not about the affordability of the services when we are talking about car detailing. If you are passionate about your car and want it to remain clean every time, then detailing services are a must.

To help you find the average costs for the different types of detailing services, here we are sharing the multiple service options you have. Keep in mind that these rates are for mobile car detailing services in Utah.

Basic Interior Servicing:

In this package, you’ll get the vacuuming of the interior, mats, and carpet cleaning, cleaning of the console, dash, cup holders, interior windows, and air freshening of the car for a better atmosphere. All of this would cost you around $90-100.

Full Interior Servicing:

Apart from the Basic interior services, you’ll also get the leather condition, trunk vacuuming, use of plastic shine, and protection. The cost of this package offered by most of the detailing services in the Utah region would be around $130-$160.

Complete Detail servicing:

In this specific service, you’ll get the complete interior detail along with the cleaning, washing, and detailing of your car’s exterior. Some of the particular activities for exterior detailing include exterior wash, wheels, and rims cleaning. Additionally, shine on wheels and spray wax are part of the complete detailing package.

This package usually costs around $180-$200.

Summing Up:

There are other packages in the detailing industry, which can include a mixture of these services with a few special ones to make your car look newer. Please keep in mind that these are the average prices that you can expect from your car detailer. You should not expect these prices to be final.