No matter how strongly you want your car to have a new look; but the expectation of time required in the process always lowers your motivation level. Is that true?

Well, you might be overestimating the time required for the detailing process. This is why we are sharing a detailed article discussing the time needed for the detailing process to complete.

How to determine the exact time for the detailing process?

The exact time for detailing cannot be told. It depends upon several factors, including the condition of your car and the detailing package you expect from your car detailer.

To give you a rough idea of the time required, we have covered the time for different detailing types:

Quick detail:

A quick detail, which is more of a car wash, can be done in 30 minutes or even less.

Standard maintenance:

The standard maintenance would include the washing and drying of the car exterior, along with the dressing of the tires and other car parts.

Such detailing typically takes 45 mins to 90 mins, depending upon the resources required to complete the detailing process.

Standard maintenance with interior detailing:

If you want the standard maintenance of your car, along with interior detailing, you must expect 60-120 minutes.

It might seem too much, but there are other detailing options as well that require even more time.

Decontamination Wash:

This specific detailing is suitable if you want your car clean and hygienic. Spare at least 2-4 hours for this detailing.

Polishing and ceramic coating:

You’ll be surprised to know that this service requires at least 1-3 days. But the result would be a new-like color.

Summing up:

Depending upon your car condition, you can choose the service required. That will determine the time that the detailing process will take on average.

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