Once you have had your car detailed, now comes your responsibility. You need to keep your car clean, so the shine and finish that your car has got after the detailing process should remain as such for a long time.

We are sharing the cleaning routine for cars with regular usage. If you take out your vehicle on-road less often, you might want to skip washing and the steps once a week or maybe reduce the activities based on your requirements.

Wash the tire and arches:

You should start with tires and arches because they are the dirtiest parts of the car. So going for them first can make your remaining car wash process easier.

Use shampoo to get every bit of dirt out of your wheels. Remember that shampoo will only work if your car has been recently detailed. If you have already driven a few miles in dirt, then you’ll need a wheel cleaner to get your wells thoroughly cleaned.

Shut cleaning:

Next comes the cleaning of the shuts. You’ll need wash mitt to give them a cleaner look. Start the process by rinsing with water, then apply wash mitt for better results.

Body wash:

Once your tires and apertures are clean thoroughly, now it is time for the body wash.

Swirl marks are easy to get if you won’t remove loose dirt from your car before proceeding to formal washing. The pressure water technique is the best for this purpose. If your vehicle’s body has clear particles of dirt, then you can use a pre-wash solution. Spray it on your car, it would take out the dirt, and you can use a pressure hose to get the visible particles out.

Now, you need to wash your vehicle thoroughly. Always clean your car from top to bottom. It is better to wash the car in a small section. Use the wash mitt to clean the car in patches. Pour some clean water on that portion before you get more shampoo for the remaining vehicle. This will ensure that each bit of your car will get access to a clean shampoo-water mixture. Thus you can expect your car to be neat and tidy.

This will also reduce the chances of swirl marks on your new paint.

Drying time:

Now, when the entire car has been washed, it is time for drying. Use the microfiber towels to ensure efficient drying and reduced chances of marks on your car. You should start from the windows, move to the body, then sluts. To dry the tires, use a separate towel.

Apply quick detailer:

Apply a quick detailer to your car with a separate microfiber towel. The application of this detailer will ensure that any left-over water drops would be dried. Besides, your paint would get the wax shine back.

Clean the interior:

You should not forget the interior of your car if you want to keep it clean for a longer time. Vacuum the entire interior and clean the surfaces, such as the dash area, with a damp microfiber towel.

Now your car is ready to shine again.

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