This park isn’t too old and was constructed in 1982. Fitts Parks is named after Robert Fitts. He was the first town president whose services were appreciated by associating a park with his name.

After these boring details (that won’t attract most of the readers), let’s see what the park has in it for its visitors.

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Amusement Park:

It might not be close to the Disney Land adventures, but it is an amusement park that your kids will love to spend time in. With a few simple rides, you can train your little one for the gigantic rides. You don’t have to deliberately aim all this. Just focus on enjoying your time with your family.

Beautiful Park:

For some of you, Fitts park can be like any other one. But the lovers of nature can identify the beauty inherent in the greenery and trees of this park. Well-placed trees, a special area for a walk, dedicated space for the playground, and a canal flowing along bring in the original beauty.

Have a walk around:

When visiting this beautiful park, you shouldn’t miss a relaxing walk where you can let your mind relax and take in the greenery and color of nature. You’ll observe an immediate relaxing impact, which won’t wear off in the short run but can be felt in the form of a good mood and stress-free handling of the daily chores.


A beautiful playground with slides, merry goes around, and swings are an integral part of this park. Your kids will love this area too. While playing, expect them to make new friends; meanwhile, you can sit and relax or go for a little strong along the canal.

Picnic Area:

You should bring along your snacks too. There is a dedicated picnic area where you can have food together and plan for the games and other activities you might want to enjoy for the rest of today.

Summing Up:

Visiting Fitts Park can be a whole day trip where you can spend some quality time and relax to fain physical and mental health. Don’t forget to bring your eatables along, as you won’t like to miss a chance for the picnic, will you?