Are you looking for a place to go for an outing with your family? Dimple Dell Regional Park is the right choice to opt for. Consisting of 630 acres, this park provides enough space for different games and activities to make your time exciting and wonderful.

Tracking trails:

15-mile trails for hiking and bicycling are part of this park, so you can choose this park for a daily walk or bicycle. With the long trail available, you won’t have to go for multiple rounds; you can complete your exercise with great ease. However, you have to be a resident of the Sandy area to avail of this facility as covering long distances for a daily walk won’t be a good idea.

Picnic Tables:

If you want to spend your weekend in this Park, you can use the picnic table facility. Take your snacks along and have a great meal with your family and friends.

Enjoy the amphitheater:

The Dimple Dell Regional Park also has an Amphitheater. You can enjoy different performances in this area. However. These performances are subject to availability and scheduling. You can even plan your visit to this park only to enjoy the performance.

Parking Spaces:

You can’t enjoy the parking area, but it is essential for parking your vehicle and enjoying the activities properly. There is ample parking space, which you can utilize on your visit.

Grounds to play:

If you don’t have anything specific to do on your visit to the park, you can play around. Different games like simple running or scavenger hunts are a few options to help you spend some valuable time. Kids will love this place as they have ample room to form teams and create their own games.

Summing up:

Dimple Dell Regional Park possesses a vast area to provide you with multiple facilities to have fun and make your day valuable. Plan our trip now.