One of the best parks that you can visit in the Bountiful area is Creekside Park. It is a beautiful garden that can freshen you up after a tiresome day at work. You can visit it after your working hours to reduce the stress of the entire day’s work, or plan a visit with your family on the weekends to enjoy some quality time.

If you aren’t sure what to expect at the Creekside Park in Bountiful during your visit, here are the main attractions that the park would offer.

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Creekside Park offers Pavilion that you can reserve beforehand to have fun with your family. However, you don’t necessarily have to reserve one and might get it by chance also (if no one else has done that already).

But these places can be very helpful if you have planned your trip on a sunny day.


You can also enjoy playing with your kids in the playground. Games like running competitions, catching the thief, and blindfold catching can be some of the great options to try when you are having fun in this park.

Volleyball grounds:

Apart from the individual family games that you might want to play in this park, there are team-game play options too. Volleyball grounds are especially available to help the kids enjoy their time and learn some teamwork along.

You can even form a family team and have fun on your weekend. Adopting this practice every week will provide you an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Disc Golf:

Disc Golf is another option you can enjoy in the games when visiting Creekside Park. You’ll find many other players with whom you can compete and spend some memorable time. You can even use this opportunity to teach your kids some basics about disc golf too, so they can be your partner in the game.

Summing Up:

Overall, you can enjoy some family time when visiting Creekside Park. We are sure you’ll love it and will come here repeatedly after your first visit.