Are you a fan of mountains and hilly areas? You’ll find one just to the north of Ogden. Ben Lomond Mountain is part of Wasatch Mountain, thus giving it the same beauty that you can expect from the other peaks from the range.

Why does it have a strange name?

If you have been thinking about the odd name of this peak, let us tell you that it has been named after another peak in the Scottish Highland. It was because the early settler of the Ben Lomond Mountain, Utah, thought that this peak looked similar to the Scottish one.

Can you do tracking?

Yes, this mountain has a famous trail, which passes through its peak. One wonderful thing about it is that it can be accessed through all four directions. So, there is no specific direction to accent this mountain if you want to reach the trail.

Another amazing fact:

The Ben Lomond Mountain has an Inspiration Pint too. This is the name of the highest point of the peak with an elevation of 9,764 feet. Do you want to go there? A dirt road connects the peak to the base.

You can take that road and travel to the peak. However, the possibility of taking that road will be only possible based on the season you are traveling in. in winters, and it is covered with snow and slippery ice. It can be available for you if you are traveling in July.

Beautiful landscapes:

Your trip will be fun-filled because of the scenic beauty that you’ll witness on your way to the mountain. Melting ice, high peaks, and a range of mountains will make your entire experience worth remembering. It would be best if you can take your friends and family along, as they’ll offer you great company and this would be an opportunity where you can connect with one another.

Summing up:

Ben Lomond Mountain is not a location that everyone visits, so you can also have some alone or family time while enjoying the scenic beauty. Plan your trip now and have fun. 

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