This trail is amongst one of the most famous ones in entire Utah. Present in the Sandy area, this trail attracts many local and foreign tourists on the weekends. So, if you want to get some me-time on the track, you should make a plan of visiting it on weekdays.

Look at the wildlife:

We are sure, for most of you wildlife, has remained limited to the television only, but you have an opportunity to look at the wildlife closely on this trail. Wild goats are amongst the prominent animals you can find.

Stay at the Reservoir:

You can consider it a picnic spot where you can stay, take some rest, and then decide to continue your journey or to return. The beautiful view you’ll expect at this point is unmatchable, so having a few pictures here would be a great idea.

Watch the first waterfall:

After the strenuous hike along the trail, you’ll reach the first waterfall. This is the point where many of the hikers land and enjoy the falling water. You can even go beyond this point, but going any further will require a lot of your effort. However, it is worth the fun.

Upper bell Canyon Reservoir:

There is another reservoir above the First Waterfall. It again proves to be a resting point for the individuals who have decided to go along the way. They can freshen up and drink water from the reservoir. Enjoying the beautiful scenery along the trail is another thing that will provide you with continuous energy to go further.

Don’t forget to capture this beautiful point in your pictures because reaching this level isn’t something that general visitors will do. This is extraordinary, and you’ll want to keep it for your records.

Summing up:

Bell Canyon Trail is a fantastic place to visit to enjoy a lovely day out. Whether you are visiting with your family or want to have some alone time, you can choose this place.